"All beingness is without self."

Anthony, please tell me where the quote originates, if it is ACIM, I'd like to look at it. Thanks, Beth

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Hi Beth, the framework of being without selfhood is an Eastern philosophy, extended, obviously throughout the course. The quote is my extension of that concept. In Lesson 354 you’ll find the line: "I have no self except the Christ in me." As you know, the "I" the course is referring to there is the decision-making aspect of mind, not the name & body that believes it’s a self. What this lesson is teaching is that there is no selfhood in oneness. Once any concept of identity enters the picture, duality has usurped the place of oneness and now self-hood (along with self-deception) reign seemingly supreme. Conversely, returning awareness to the mind and choosing against the "tiny, mad idea" of separation leads to freedom from all suffering, a re-union with infinite peace, as this lesson and all others lovingly teach.

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